To meet the needs and expectations of our customers in a fast, accurate and timely manner, To handle, implement and develop copper business as a professional service concept, To pay attention to people and the importance of human life, and to provide their customers with the rules required by national and international standards, in accordance with the laws and regulations, within the framework of reliability. To provide transportation services, As Aktif Bakır, to provide service at the level of customer satisfaction and expectations with the awareness that the key to success is quality service to its customers, To ensure the satisfaction of its customers by performing the service it offers at the optimum price, on time and at the promised quality, To ensure its continuity by improving and diversifying the services we provide, To value them, to support their education and continuous development, which has an important place in their development, To continuously maintain quality at Aktif Bakır by creating teamwork, healthy communication and team spirit. improve business and increase productivity.